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This small, robust omni-directional barcode scanner is ideal for all types of retailing where smaller  items can be passed infront of the unit and scanned automatically. The multi-line laser scan field allows barcodes to be read in any orientation.
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Stock control and EPoS      software for the independent retailer
Stock control and EPoS      software for the independent retailer
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Barcode Scanners & Hand Held Terminals
The Orbit multi-line, omni-directional scanner has a wider zone and greater depth of scan field for more demanding high sprred checkouts. Barcodes are scanned at any angel providing a fast and efficient service.
The low cost 1020 hand held scanner comes with a trigger to fire the laser for reading item barcodes. Suitable for low volume item sales or larger items. This single line laser scanner is ideal for scanning barcodes from a list or small format codes.
The portable BluTooth scanner allows barcode scanner for up to 10 metres from the base connected to the till system. Ideal where cashiers need to scan items that are too large to pickup or place on the counter.
Dolphin Hand Held Terminal
The Dolphin hand held data collection terminal has a built-in laser scanner for barcode scanning. The Dolphin  terminal together with the Retail DirectorTM 'Walkabout' software primarily used to carryout fast and accurate stock takes with the data downloaded to your system to produce your stock valuation and shrinkage reports. Additional functionality includes goods in, purchase order deliveries, raising new purchase orders, stock adjustments and label print lists.